Dooring 101 – what you need to know?

It is truly impossible to imagine a house or let alone any building without a door or some sort of an opening. After all, unless you want something locked away, the door is one of the most crucial structural components of a building. That big said, whether you were going to buy one or one hundred doors, there are many things that you should know before making a payment.

Here are everything and a little bit more of what you need to know about doors before purchasing them.

  • Smoke doors are not fire doors

Consisting with an automatic closing mechanism, the hbd fire rated door have dominated both the residential and commercial perspective for a while now. But there are occasions where you would be suggest to go for smoke doors just because some dealers do not possess the stock. You should say no to that; but why? Having the double layer layout, what smoke door does is stopping the smoke from entering to the room completely. Its function is to secure the clear air. But would it stay strong against fumes? Highly unlikely! That’s why the smoke door is never the substitute for a fire-resistant door.

  • Installation is better to be done by the supplier

These are practical issues that happen to this very day. If you haven’t ever come across a similar situation, the installer would directly accuse the supplier if there was some sort of a poorly fitting nature to the desired place. Naturally, the supplier would deny the accusations. This leaves you helpless! As the best solution for this, hire the services from a company that acts as all the manufacturer, supplier and the installer as well – ‘Modern problems require modern solutions’

  • The type of the timber always matters

A lot of people would say that once seasoned, the materialistic properties of all timber wooden doors singapore would come to an approximately close value. This is a humongous myth that you should not even care to assess. Think about it – the materialistic property here refer to the characteristics of the tree itself. The seasoning is done to improve the quality and make them less prone to react with the urban settings. Since that is more or less common in all occasions, can you expect that much of a quality variation? That is why you should always ask for the type of the timber and make sure that they can live up to the expectiations.

  • Expensive doesn’t mean better

Avoid expecting the expensive to be better. If you want a door to function and last longer whole having strong characteristics, go for an option with better materialistic qualities. It is that simple and reasonable.