How to keep your bathroom clean

A washroom is just as important as any other rooms in a house. Since we tend to use it a lot in our lives and it’s a must that we keep it neat and clean. There are many ways you can keep your washroom clean and tidy. But you have to make sure you use certain tools and chemicals to get rid of any germs or bacteria’s lying around. There are certain houses that has very large washrooms with inbuilt bath tubs to even Jacuzzis. People do get pretty creative when it comes for washrooms and some even go to an extent where they will even add rich frames and mirrors and even chairs to make the washroom even more luxurious. But it’s a not a must that we all have to have these kind of luxurious items in our washroom. But its always best to keep the bathroom neat and clear. Below are some of the tips on how to keep your washroom clean.

Clean on a daily basis

It’s a good practice that you clean each and every corner from the grab rails and bars to the shampoo stand once you have finished using the washroom. If you are having a washroom that you share this can be one of the best practices. Since you should not leave the washroom all wet and untidy for the other person who will be using it after you. So once you have had a shower or even small wash make sure you mop the place if you have spilt water all over. And clean the sink if you have used it as well. And always make sure that you don’t leave your hair strands in the sink since it can get stuck in the sink pipe and make the sink overflow. Make sure you always use a shower curtain when having a bath so that the water will not splash everywhere. This can save the time you will take to mop as well.

Keep only the necessary toiletries.

One of the main things you also need to do is to keep only the needful items in the washroom instead of packing it with all kind of stuffs. You also have to make sure you throw any shampoo or even toothpastes once its over. Because some people use to keep it just like that and it can be pretty untidy and unclean as well. Also once you have uses the toiletries make sure you keep them where they belong to instead of leaving it here and there. So that you don’t have to end up finding it next time.




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